About Writer’s Muses

Writer’s Muses began its life in 2007 on Livejournal as an answer to people who wanted a wide variety of prompts to challenge them each week.  The community would later add sister communities on both the Dreamwidth and at the Pan Historia blogging sites.

Along with helpful tips and articles on writing, we feature prompts on a weekly basis.  There are prompts to choose from such as dialogue prompts, quote prompts, picture and lyric prompts as well as roleplay and prompts for you the writer to answer.

Our goal is to help you to dig deep into your characters and yourself and get you to show us things that you might not have thought about before. Our goal is to give you the widest variety of quality writing prompts that inspire you to show up at the page.  You can come check out what other writers are up to at our Pan Historia and Dreamwidth Community pages!