Prompt Set # 17

1. Jumping Off Points:

  • A. “You realize, of course, that an eye for an eye won’t be enough. I want him dead.”
  • B. “Oh, but my dear, you really should be careful about whom you’re seen associating with, or your own reputation will suffer.”
  • C. “It’s not the wo/men you are attracted to, it’s the wo/men you attract.”
  • D. “And what are stories, but different ways with which we tell the truth?”

    A. “Just because I wrote it, doesn’t mean that I know how to play it.” – Joe Walsh
    B. “The Orient showers her wealth upon us; the webs, and shawls, and carpets of exquisite softness and cunningly blended colours of her looms, the keen, flashing steel of her damascened blades, convince us of our own barbarism. – ‘The Sorceress’, by Jules Michelet, [1939]

    3. Lyric Prompts:

    Rooms On Fire by Stevie Nicks ( Video), Stand or Fall by the Fixx, Nasty Habits by Oingo Boingo, or “Walk on Water” by Thirty Seconds To Mars4. It’s Situational: Write about resolutions. Write about the ones you have kept and / or the ones you have broken – or intend to try to keep this year.

    5. Photo Prompts: Choice A; Choice B; ; Choice C. ; Choice D ; OR Choice E

    6. Single Word Prompts: Curious, Lovers, Determination, Forbidden, Single, OR Risk

    7. Mun Prompt: What sorts of things have you done with your muse this year? Did things turn out the way you had planned? What are your hopes and/or expectations for the New Year that you hope to explore with your muse(s)

    8. RP Prompt: New Year’s Eve

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