Prompt Set # 14

1. Jumping Off Points:

  • A. “Seriously. If this were the Wild West, he’d have the nickname of Trigger Happy.”
  • B. “I do not hate you!”
  • C. “Your Life isn’t worth a damn to me!”2. Quotation “A lie told often enough becomes the truth” – Lenin

    3. Lyric and Video Prompts
    Moderator Note: We do like to attach the video to songs so that you can be further inspired in your prompts. Sometimes the lyrics are included in the description. At other times, what’s going on in the video will serve as a catalyst. Answer as you like!

    “Speak Loud” by Trills, “Imagine”by John Lennon, “Raise Hell” by Dorothy, “When the World Was At War We Kept Dancing” by Lana Del Rey, “Castle” by Halsey, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by Warrant, “Happy” by Pharell Williams, or “Love Exists” by Amy Lee

    4. Photo Prompts: Choice A, Choice B, Choice C, OR Choice D

    5. It’s Situational – Talk about a time when you were truly alone.

    6. Single Word Prompts: Book, Eat, Devotion, Kindness, Reconciliation, OR Audacity

    7. Mun Prompt: How does your muse feel about / celebrate / cope with the holidays?

    8. Role Play Prompt: Holiday Festivities

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