Prompt Set # 13

1. Jumping Off Points:

  • A. “Sometimes when I dream, it feels like there’s someone else in there with me.”
  • B. “This isn’t rocket science, dammnit! It can’t be that hard to figure out how to make it work.”
  • C. “I saw a picture of him on the internet,” she said, “pretty scary if you ask me.”

    2. After a night of heavy drinking, you wake up and realize very probably have done something you wouldn’t have done in a million years. What is it and how do you deal with it?

    3. A. “Truth is a snare: you cannot have it without being caught. You cannot have truth in such a way that you catch it, but only in such a way that it catches you.” – Saren Kirkegaard

    B. “A woman is not something to figure out, understand, or analyze. Forget the musing of the mind; immerse yourself deep in her eyes.” -Jean-Pierre Gregoire

    4. Lyric Prompts: ‘ Smuggler’s Blues’ – by Glenn Fry, ‘ Undercover of the Night ‘ – by The Rolling Stones, ‘ Time ‘ – By Sarah McLachlan, “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen

    5. One word prompts: Games, Wicked, Ancient, Unbound, Alchemy, Shift, or Enough

    6. Picture Prompts: Choice A, Choice B, Choice C, , OR Choice D

    7. Mun Prompt: What does your muse actively work to gain or keep or protect – not merely say is important to them, but actually invest time and emotion in – money, fame, family, love, country, revenge, etc.? Give details and examples if possible.

    8. In the interests of Father’s Day, write about your father. What is your relationship to him? Is it positive, negative or non-existent? Tell us a story about your father or the major father figure in your life.

    9. RP Prompt: A Holiday Party (Can be ANY holiday, Hallows, Christmas, New Years, etc.)

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