Regarding Our Prompt Sets

Some of you who have been with Writer’s Muses on Pinterest, Livejournal, Dreamwidth and even on Pan Historia. You might have noted that the prompt sets that we had long ago and the prompt sets that we have now are not exactly the same.

That’s because they aren’t. Well, not entirely.

Much of the prompt sets are quite similar and we know that we are guilty of recycling what we can. However, because of the nature of the Internet and because URL’s for pictures, lyrics and other things we have linked to have changed or disappeared altogether, such changes are inevitable. In most cases, we have either tried to find a new link for a particular prompt or revised and expanded them.

The moderators of these groups do hope you will forgive us and will still enjoy what we have to offer. Please feel free to invite your friends to come and participate! Each of you who have posted, you have offered up some wonderful storylines and insights into your characters! Your work inspires us, so please keep them coming!

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