Prompt Set # 10

There is a whole lot of truth to the idea that if you want the Universe to throw you a curve ball, then announce your plans!

I’m back after being away and really, there is no excuse except I got busy with client work and just sort of blew off this blog. So, reaching back once again into our archives via my very own way back machine, we have this prompt set. Hope you enjoy and we’ll have even more prompts throughout the week!

1. Lyric Prompts: “Photographs & Memories” by Jim Croce, OR “Come With Me Now” by the Kongos,

2. “I know how he works, damn it! He’s bluffing!”

3. One Word Prompts: Faith, Excuse, Hidden, Apotheosis, Reparation, Lugubrious

4. ” I believe that it may be right to love and serve one person above all others, according to merit and worth, but never to trust so much in this tempting trap of friendship as to have cause to repent of it later on.” – Baldassare Castiglione, 1478 – 1529

5. Picture Prompts: Choice A; Choice B; OR Choice C

6. You can never go back.

7. Mun Prompt: Describe your muse from the point of view of several others external to them. How would their mother describe them? Their ex-boyfriend / girlfriend / lover / spouse? How about someone who is a good friend or an enemy?

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