Prompt Set # 7

We’re back on track! My goal is to get new prompt sets up and out on this blog once every day or so.  Let’s see if I can sustain that kind of a pace – in spite of my being summoned for jury duty!  So, without further ado, here is prompt set #7!

1. What are your addictions? What we mean by that is what is your distraction or drug of choice? If illegal, how do you obtain them and justify their use?
2. “To have a good enemy, choose a friend. He knows where to strike.” – Diane de Pittiers, 1499-1566, Mistress of Henry II of France
3. One word prompt: Loyalty, Betrayal, Message, Community, Legality, Fictitious, Vine
4. Picture Prompt Choice A or Choice B
5.  Question to the Writer: Did you choose your character or did they choose you? What was the process like in getting to know them?
6.  So, it has come to this….
7. The night won’t save anyone.
8. Write About your parents.

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