Prompt Set # 6

Happy Beltane,  everyone!

I know I’ve been away for a bit and it’s been a while since new prompts have posted.  Suffice it to say,  Spring has left things a bit crazed. I won’t bore you with excuses, however, I do promise not to neglect it again for so long!

Below is our next prompt set.  Please feel free to borrow or post on your blog. If you have written something that’s helped to inspire you, please feel free to post a link in our comments. We’d love to hear from you!


1.  Growing up, what were your favorite questions? What things were you never supposed to question?

2.  Write about  a spring celebration.

3.  “Some persons do first, think afterward, and then repent forever.”~ Thomas Secker

4.  What aspect of yourself do you see as a weakness that others might see as a strength?

5: One word prompts:  apple,

6.  Picture Prompts:  Choice A,  Choice B,  or  Choice C

7: Question posed to either the Writer or your Character/Muse: Everyone has heard someone say something to them that affected them for the rest of their life? Who said it and what was said?  What was your / their reaction? The answer to this can be written as either a fic via the Character or your thoughts as the writer.

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